Water Tight Doors

  Water Tight Hatchers

  Sea Main Line Strainers

  Universal Joint

  Deck Stand

  Mooring Winches

Our Services

We are Manufacturers, Supplier, & Service Provider of all types of Ship Building Units :-

  •  Water Tight Doors
  •  Water Tight Hatchers
  •  Water Tight / Oil Tight Manholes & Flush type Manhole Doors
  •  Roller Fair Lead
  •  Double Bollard
  •  Towing Hook with test certificate
  •  Sea main line strainers
  •  All type of pipe lines
  •  Louver Grill & Cover
  •  Panama chick & Morning Eye
  •  Sounding Scuttles with plugs
  •  Brass caps with chain
  •  Universal Joint
  •  Mot Ladder
  •  Deck scupper
  •  Towing post
  •  Anchor swindlers windless
  •  Mooring winches
  •  Ruddlers
  •  Kortz Nozzles
  •  Steel repairs and renewals
  •  Tail shaft, propeller and rudder repairs
  •  Mechanical repairs
  •  Pipe work in engine room, tank and others area
  •  Deck machineries repairs
  •  Electrical motor and generator overhauling and rewinding
  •  Pneumatic, hydraulics and electronics works
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