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  • Lakshmi and Chopda Pujan on 1st November, 9:30am
  • Venue: Vitthal Temple, Before Aksha Beach, Malad west
  • Ganesh Yaag on every Chathurthi

Shri Shashtri Shaishavji (Guruji) has spent 30 years of his life doing strict sadhna under Shri Gangadasji Maharaj and Shri Nikhilesh Aandji. Mainly what is mentioned in Hindu Shashtras, those 10 Mahavidhyas have been studied by him in this period. Whoever comes in touch with Guruji develops his total personality. Guruji also helps his devotees practicing Astrology and Vastu Shashtra.

Das mahavidhya are the ten great feminine cosmic powers which represent ten fundamental aspects of the Supreme Cosmic Mother’s personality. The disciplines which lead to the inner communication within this cosmic power is known as MahaVidhya Yoga or Sri Vidhya Yoga .

The ten cosmic power are each represented by a Goddess and each Goddess has a specific cosmic function in the universal harmony.

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