Free Ambulance Service

On receipts of a call from any member of the public, irrespective of his caste or creed, the Ambulance Car is immediately dispatched for removing a patient from one place..


Instructors Courses

Free 6 months Instructors course in First Aid and Home Nursing, in English media, are conducted by the college for two hours in the evenings - on Mondays and Thursdays...


Contact Details
21 New Marine Lines, Next to Birla Matushri Sabhaghar, Mumbai 400 020.
+91 22 22014295 - 66334897


Welcome to The Bombay City Ambulance Corps

There is nothing new in the idea of people helping people. From the dawn of the history, Man has suffered from disease, from the merciless ravages of Nature and from his own inhumanity to man that makes countless thousands mourn.

Man started organizing himself for helping the unfortunate victims of disasters, both Natural and man-made, and the “Red Cross”, the vision of Jean Henry Dunant, was born in 1864. The year was 1930. Indians throughout the Country had waged the non-violent War of Independence against the then British rulers.

An Appeal For Donation

The Bombay city ambulance Corps a society and a charitable trust provides free ambulance services and ambulance education.
Except for the ambulance staff and a menial staff everybody renders honorary services to the society. The maintenance of the society mainly depends on voluntary donations.
We therefore appeal well wishers for generous donations. Donations to the society are exempted from payment of Income Tax u/s 80G.
Donations may be paid by Crossed order Cheque in the name of “THE BOMBAY CITY AMBULANCE CORPS”.

In fulfillment of the objects for which the Society is established, the principle activities conducted by it are:

Maintenance of the Ambulance Volunteer Corps, since 1930, for training young men and women in First Aid, Home Nursing, Hygiene, Sanitation and other ambulance subjects....

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Maintenance of Free First Aid and Ambulance Service Station, since 1939, for rendering ambulance service of removing patients...
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