Water Tight Doors

  Water Tight Hatchers

  Sea Main Line Strainers

  Universal Joint

  Deck Stand

  Mooring Winches

Double Bollard   Roller Fairlead   Deck Scupper
Welcome to H.K. Engineering

The Organization, HK Engineering are in the business of Ship Building Units. They are implementing ISO 9001 : 2000 Quality Management System and its work scope includes:-


The organization is a PROPRIETORY Company, Mr. Hilal Kondkari is the proprietor. The present man power is 8.


The top management is led by Mr. Hilal Kondkari. The organization operators in general shift. The organization is having a well equipped office and most of work is carried on the site i.e. on board the ship. The field of operation is in the Workshop in Mumbai.


The organization is having a well equipped small workshop and the work operation is carried out in the workshop. Some processes, which have to be carried out in the workshop. Some cannot be carried out in our workshop are out sourced to suppliers, In all such cases the process control is implemented by specifying the method in details in SOP's & Work Instructions and Monitoring the method.

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